It feels so good to feel good again!

I was referred to Hui by a co-worker a few years ago.  I made my first appointment in May 2016, over 2 years later, when I was finally ready to accept that I needed help beyond what chiropractic and physiotherapy practices could offer.  Hui is simply amazing.   She takes a holistic approach to our path to better health and youknow without question that she genuinely cares for you as a patient and your progress to well being. Her treatment plan includes (in my case) both acupuncture and Chinese herbs - the combination resulting in an unbelievably improved state of mental and physical health. After years of other methods used to deal with my physical health issues I can’t say how much I appreciate incorporating care for the mental health issues in conjunction with the physical treatments.    It feels so good to feel good again !!

Michele Dillabough

"Hui Yu is a true healer"

She is a master in the healing art of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture. I think it is very important that the public be made aware of the skilled holistic healer we have in our midst. 

Hui was recommended to me by a co-worker (where we are both health professionals in an area hospital). My first visit to her was the beginning of my recovery- finally. I had suffered a miscarriage, and after the heart-ache and an unsuccessful/incomplete D&C, I struggled with weeks of constant pain, bleeding, bloating and depression. I was ultimately facing, but desperate to avoid, another upsetting and risky surgery in my future. IMMEDIATELY after my first and subsequent sessions, I had drastic physical and emotional signs of improvement. Over the course of only one month, Hui's Chinese acupuncture approach had me well again. She guided my body through a very unsettling lime. With out elaborating on the details of my recovery, I did not need a surgery after all, because of her. 

Ottawa and area is very fortunate to have such a wellness expert. Whether Western Medicine has failed you, or you are looking for a very powerful, timeless, alternative to health care, you must go see Hui. I would (and have) referred my dearest friends and family to her, and I think that speaks volumes for itself. 

Thank you Hui for giving me my life back, and helping me prepare my mind and body for the future (and what ever joys it might bring me). 

My sincere thanks,
Beth Jocko, from Nepean

"When Western Medicine Doesn't Work."

I had a back problem. The family doctor ordered bed rest and wrote a prescription for an anti-inflammatory and Tylenol 3 for the pain. Two months later, still in bed, waiting for a MRI, maxed out on Tylenol 3 and morphine, my back was getting worse. 

The bed had been moved from the upstairs bedroom to the main floor family room, all meals were taken lying down and the rest of the family was fed up. To make matters worse, in just 8 short weeks my son was getting married and the reception was to be held at the cottage. 

Told to "DO SOMETHING," it quickly became apparent that "Following doctor's orders," was not a good enough response. Although skeptical about an alternate treatment like acupuncture, after checking the Yellow Pages the Barrhaven Acupuncture Clinic was telephoned. What a surprise, the owner, Hui Yu happily agreed to do house calls and offered to show up the next day. The problem was assessed and a course of treatment (3 limes a week) was determined. In addition, Hui made sure that the problem was explained to the family, what would be done to fix it and identified exercises to make it better. Instead of just lying in bed, I now had some level of control. 

The Barrhaven Acupuncture Clinic offers acupuncture, acupressure massage and homeopathy and probably some other services most of which were covered by an employer's health program. While all of this was nice, it didn't really matter. I just wanted to get better, and it happened . 

After only 3 treatments there was a marked improvement, after 6 more treatments it was possible to sit up for a little while, at the end of the first month no more pain killers. Best of all, the Wedding took place at the cottage, as planned, and was attended by the whole family. I stood with pride beside my son and shared in his special day. 

It has been 4 months since first calling the Barmaven Acupuncture Clinic and the maintenance schedule includes acupuncture twice a month. I do 100 sit-ups daily, bicycle about 10 km or walk 4 km a day and my family now likes me again.

When Western medicine doesn't yield the desired results try calling the Barrhaven Acupuncture Clinic at 825-9683 and speak to Hui Yu. It sure worked for me. 

Robert Kealey
43 Hyannis Ave
Nepean ON K2J 2W9