Published in China Fortune —2009

Planting TCM healing power with love and healing hands

-- A Chinese traditional medical practitioner, Hui Yu

                 Hui Yu, a native of the Jilin Province in China, is a graduate of the Kunming Medical College (Jan.1978--Jan. 1983). Upon graduation, she became the attending physician at the Second Hospital of the Kunming Medical College. During her tenure of 12 years, Hui was extensively involved in clinical work; she was sought out as a lecturer and was involved as well in research work.

                 When Hui first came to Canada, she was confronted with cultural, linguistic and other barriers in a foreign land. In spite of her strong intention to continue with the valuable Traditional Chinese Medicine, her career had to come to a halt. She started training herself in the English language and worked in a variety of health care systems in order to better understand how to integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine into the Western medical practices in Canada. Combined of Chinese and Western Medicine for a long term’s medical practice in China, it has been concluded that there were ample opportunities for this integration. She realized that stands alone, western medicine has problems dealing with conditions such as chronic pain management and many idiopathic illnesses that are presently untreatable. She believes that the novel practice of combining the Eastern and Western approach will undoubtedly benefit many patients with its healing powers. Hui foresees a great opportunity for this integrative approach and feels strongly that Traditional Chinese Medicine will have a vital role in the overall Western medical practices.

                 In 1993, Hui Yu and Qinghua Min published "The Changing Pattern of Serum Thyroid Hormone in Health Newborns” in the Chinese Journal of Neonatology. Later, she and Dr. Zhengkun Wang published, “Follow up research of 173 cases of febrile convulsion” in the Kunming Medical College Journal. In addition, she and Dr. Cihua Liu contributed “The treatment of children’s nutritional anemia with Sanqi milk powder” to the Ninth Paediatric Academic group meeting. Furthermore, before leaving for Canada, she co-authored 9 academic papers. As a result of her strong belief that Chinese medicine is an inexhaustible treasure and because she has devoted all her energy to her medical career, her work became recognized by a large number of physicians due to her unique and strong academic background. She earned a bachelor's degree of medicine, then she finished the main post-graduate medical courses, plus she also gained an ample experience as a physician in the Second Hospital of the Kunming Medical College for many years, but she still felt unsatisfied. Hui Yu returned to Beijing in 1999 to further her stuides in acupuncture and to study with two well-known academic leaders on acupuncture, Dr. Qingguo Liu and Dr. Jianan Zhou. Dr. Qingguo Liu is a Council member of the China Acupuncture and Moxibustion Association, a leading expert and was first to receive a PhD in acupuncture in China.  As for Dr. Jianan Zhou, he was the Director of the Acupuncture and Moxibustion Department at the Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital. In 2000, Hui completed her studies with outstanding results, returned to Canada and started her dream clinic in Ottawa.

                 The early days of her clinic were met with hardship and difficulties as Hui had to manage her own clinic while working in another one. Although she is not a robust woman, her persistent faith and belief in the healing powers of Traditional Chinese Medicine remained strong and she persevered in her struggle to establish a healing reputation by applying her strong work ethics and medical skills. As a result, her Clinic flourished into a great success.

                 The local residents now recognize her professional medical skills and healing powers. She is experienced in treating headache, migraine, fibromyalgia, sciatica, tennis elbow, work-related injuries, car accidents, sports injuries, Bell’s palsy, the after-effects of strokes, paralysis, arthritis, asthma, depression, anxiety, insomnia, menopause syndrome, chronic colitis, and more. She is also an expert in smoking cessation and weight reduction. On a more holistic approach, besides studying the Traditional Chinese Medicine, she has also learned about natural therapy and nutriology, which she uses in her practice. While her patients are treated with TCM, they are, at the same time, strengthening their awareness of the health care they need to apply in order to improve their overall health conditions. For example, when seeing an obese patient, Hui always creates a comprehensive health care plan comprised of lifestyle, nutrition, diet and exercise. She then assists that patient in implementing the plan. In the treatment of chronic diseases, not only does she cure the illnesses, she also offers good advice on proper nutrition, health care and on how to enhance the overall health of her patients for best medical effects. Her medical skills are outstanding and praised by many of her patients.

                 Hui Yu is humble about her achievements and she constantly strives to excel in the treatment of her patients. Her working style consistently demonstrates professionalism and how much respect she has for all her patients. Hui always has her patients’ best interests and well beings at heart. For some trauma patients, she is known to do house calls when needed. In her practice, she emphasizes on prevention in order to reduce the chance of recurrence and she keeps communications flowing with her patients by way of careful inquiries and physical examinations. Her treatments also include diseases associated with the five elements of Yin-Yang theory, which is the base root of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

                 Not only does Hui put medical ethics first and try to do her best in her medical practices, she has also expanded her medical clinic to include various types of acupuncture (electro-acupuncture, acupuncture with needle-free, needle acupuncture plus moxibustion), Tunia, Chinese herbal medicine, cupping therapy, etc. At the same time, she has added nutritional and health care advices to her practice. Furthermore, Hui Yu has had many success stories in the treatment of pediatric diseases. And more, we have learned that Hui is also good at the treatment of pediatric diseases. Her diagnoses in pediatrics are based on the four skills of Chinese medicine: observe (wàng), hear and smell (wén), ask about background (wèn) and touching (qiè). For small children who are sensitive to acupuncture needles, she offers Chinese Tuina for the treatment of anorexia, diarrhea, constipation, and congenital or acquired growth retardation syndrome.

                 Hui Yu has cured countless patients. She’s been quoted to comment as follows with regards to her medical profession: "Whenever a patient is cured, I always feel contented. It is the patients who give me the confidence to pursue my successful career. I will continue to use my expertise in Chinese medicine to serve the people. This is my way of contributing to an ideal dream where the world will be full of sun and love."

光辉普照 撒满人间


于辉医师,东北吉林人,77年考取昆明医学院,五年的大学生活,毕业后进入昆明医学院第二附属医院做了五年住院医 生,而后又是七年的主治医师,兼讲师及科研工作,即将要申请为主任医师时,于医师由于丈夫读博而放弃了升职的机会,于是跟随着丈夫来到加拿大。然而一直想 发展自己事业的于辉 医师,初到国外时一切都是陌生的。所有的学历,工作经验都无用武之地。为了适应国外生活,必须了解国外的社会,于是她开始攻读英语,为了了解加拿大的医疗 体系,她进入与医疗有关的行业打工。通过一些时日的了解与观察,她发现中医在加拿大大有所为。中医可以弥补西医的不足,这正是中国长期坚持中西医结合治疗 得出的结论。由于单一的西医治疗,使一些慢性病痛、疑难杂症无法治愈,这一点正是中医的好处,也就是说中医有广泛的市场。通过阅读国外的中医针灸论文,更 增加了她的信心,于是,她决心重新投入到她热衷的中医事业。

于医师曾在国内与闵庆华教授期撰写《新生儿出生十天血清甲状腺激素动态观察》于九三年发表在新生儿科杂志上,她与王振坤医师合作在昆明医学院报发表《173例高热惊厥的随访研究》,与刘茨华医 师合作在中国第九届儿科学术会议小组交流会《“三七”奶粉治疗小儿营养性贫血》的临床研究学术论文。出国前她自己及与其他医师合作的学术论文已发表了九篇 之多。她一直认为“中医是块宝”有挖掘不完的潜在宝藏,并孜孜不倦的为医学事业奉献着自己的光和热,以自己独特的学术见解在众多的医师中出类拔萃。虽然有 大学本科学历,包括了中医理论,中医临床,并读完了医学研究生主要课程,加之在医学院附属医院多年的工作经验,但这些并没有让她觉得满足。为了进一步提高 中医医疗水平,更好地为病人服务。1999年她回到祖国,在北京针灸骨伤学院从师著名针灸学术带头人刘清国博士(中国针灸学会理事,中国第一位针灸学博士)及周建安老中医(北京中医院针灸科老主任),以优异成绩学成后返回加拿大。这一切只为她能拥有一家自己的诊所而努力地付出。在2001年,于辉老师终于如愿已偿,在加拿大 Ottawa有了一家自己的诊所。

诊 所刚开业的时候,艰苦的历程是难以想象的,细心的于辉医师想到要在短期内把诊所做好,一个人同时要做两份活,一边是于辉医师为自己的诊所做宣传,为病人做 诊疗,另一边又要在别人的诊所打工。艰辛并不可怕,只要有持之以恒的心,就能做好每一件事。于辉医师就是顶住压力,创办出自己的中医诊所,她是一个薄弱的 女子,但却承载着一份中医事业的执着梦想。

当梦想成为现实,于医 师开始精心的计划着中医诊所的经营,以精湛的医术在当地不断的被认可和传扬。对治疗各种痛症有丰富的经验:如头 痛、偏头痛、纤维肌痛,坐骨神经痛;网球肘、工伤、车祸及运 动损伤、面瘫、中风后遗症、瘫痪、关节炎、哮喘、忧郁症、失眠、更年期综合症、戒烟、减肥、慢性结肠炎等。为了使病人得到更好的治疗效果,她除了钻研中医 理论外,还认真学习营养学及自然疗法,使病人不仅得到了中医治疗,也提高了保健意识,使身体素质全方位的提高。例如她在治疗肥胖病人时帮助病人制定生活、 营养、饮食、运动等全面的保健计划,同时督促病人按计划执行。不仅达到了治疗的目的,同时也提高了病人的身体素质。在治疗慢性病的病人时,不仅治病,还设法建议患者增加必须的营养素及保健措施,使治疗效果更好。于医师医术超群,一切问题都可以迎刃而解。让很多外国人都竖起了大拇指。

于 医师一直很虔诚,在谈话 中她不断强调自己做的远远不够。“第一,医生以医德为重,想病人之所想,急病人之所急,多帮助病人才有回报;第二,有规律地坐息上班,自己有一个好身体才 能更好的为病人服务;第三,有外伤的病人可以跟据需求上门诊治;第四,治病求本,在治疗疾病的同时,尽量帮助病人寻找发病的原因,提出预防措施,减少复发 的机会。第五,与病人有良好的沟通。包括仔细询问,细心检查。用中医阴阳五行的理论辨证论治。”这样的医德医风怎能不让我们尊敬!

于 辉医师不仅在经营上实现 了重医德、做好一个医师,所开中医诊所也由原来单一的治疗方法,增加到现有的诸多种针灸(包括电针、无针针灸,有针针炙)、推拿、中药、拔罐等中医治疗。 同时还增加了营养及保健咨询。其实我们还了解到一个细节,不妨分享给大家。于辉医师还擅长治疗小儿的疾病。通过中医的望、闻、问、切对患儿做出诊断。她的 小儿推拿治愈了很多小儿厌食症、腹泻、便秘及先天性和后天性小儿生长发育迟缓症患者。